mentoring men for the mission

our mission

Our Mission:
To help men grow spiritually and maximize their potential as a kingdom man and mentor.
Grow Spiritually
We believe Scripture shows four stages of spiritual development:
Baby (1 Corinthians 3)
Child (1 John 2)
Young Man (1 John 2)
Father (1 John 2)
Our discipleship process consists of four stages.
We believe a mature disciple loves God with all the heart (worship), head (Word), hands (service), and feet (witness).
For further discussion, see our Vision.
Maximize Their Potential as a Kingdom Man and Mentor
We want men to maximize their potential in five key areas of their life:
1 Timothy 2:1-2
Notice the mentorship/discipling process:
Paul to Timothy, Timothy to faithful men, faithful men to others.
This is the discipleship acceleration factor.

It is our goal to raise up godly men who will build authentic mentoring relationships with other men through one-to-one interaction and small groups, and for those who are mentored to mentor someone else. This strategy will cause the Kingdom of God to forcefully advance in our generation.

our vision

We see the Kingdom of God forcefully advancing through a vibrant, thriving brotherhood of believers who love God with all their heart (worship), head (Word), hands (work), and feet (witness), who are maximizing their potential as kingdom men, and mentoring others to carry on the mission of spiritual mentorship.